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TwoNE-1000Family of SyringePumps connected
together areoftenused in dual-pump setups, possi-
blywith check valves for continuous pumpingor
mixing so that one syringe dispenseswhile the other
reloads. Gives customer flexibility to separate
pumps for individual use.
Dual NE-1010:
Dual NE-4000:
Dual NE-1600/1800:
Dual NE-1002X:
For usewith our continuous infusion system or dual infusion system
Provides a dual check valve for two syringes, withdrawwill pull fluid
from a reservoir and infusionwill output intoa separate line
The kit is pre-assembled, all you need to do is plug in the syringes
Each dual check valve uses 6" of 1/8" tubing to connect toaY con-
nector, one for reservoir and one for output; eachY-connector has
5' of tubing tomake connections to your application.
Two 60 ccTerumo syringes are included.
Individual parts arealsoavailable.
Model: P-DKIT
Continuous Infusion/Dual NE-1000
Includesall of the featuresof theNE-1000 familyof pumps
Dual PumpPlumbingKit
NewEraPumpSystems, Inc.
**Not ForClinical UseOnHumans**
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